Friday, December 4, 2009

On Line Menu

In response to the many requests, here is an online menu!

Food For The Planet
704 West Buffalo St. Ithaca, NY 14850


Guacamole w/ chips- $8

Pico de gallo w/ chips- $6

Nachos Veganos- $8

Vegan style South of the border bliss!

Nachos In The Raw- $8

Raw tortilla chips topped with nutty meat, pico de gallo, guacamole, and raw nacho cheese sauce.
Neatballs- $6

Hearty ‘meat’ balls made from pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, and mushrooms accompanied by a rich sun-dried tomato marinara.

Quesadilla- $9

Whole wheat tortilla filled with vegan, soyfree cheese and kale, topped with pico de gallo, salsa, soy sour cream and cilantro sauce.

Soup- $4 cup
$7 Bowl

Salad- $4

Potato Kale Hash- $4

Grain of the day- $3

Legume- $3

Veggie of the day- $3

Avocado- $2

Guacamole- $6

Fruit cup- $4


Cheesecake- $5

Brownie- $3
a la mode- $5

Black Forest Brownie- $6

Cookie- $2

Ice Cream Sundae- $6
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or neapolitan

Ask about our raw desserts!


Coffee- $2
Organic and fair trade

Teas- $2
Ask about our selection

Soy or Rice Milk- $2
Plain, chocolate, or vanilla

Apple Juice- $3

Orange Juice- $3

Grape Juice- $4
Local and organic

Kombucha Tea- $4

Saratoga Springs Water- $2

Smoothies- $4

Green Power

Super Berry Banana

Raging Reds


Garden- $7
Leafy greens galore!

Avocado- $9
Avocados, greens, tomato, vibrant veggies, and cilantro

Balsamic- SF
Apple Sesame
Cashew Dill-R,SF
Carrot Ginger
Tomato Vinaigrette-R,SF


Mac Un Cheese- $6

Quinoa and corn noodles in soy-free cheesy sauce

Tofu Dog- $6

Soy hot dog on whole grain roll w/ choice of toppings. Ask for gluten free options

Mini Macro- $6

Child-sized simply delicious plate with choice of toppings

Vish N’ Dip $7

Vish cutlets with choice of dipping sauce


Lasagna- $11

Brown rice noodles, vegan mozzarella, local tofu, seasonal veggies, and a hearty marinara.

Frittata di Fabuloso- $10

Specially seasoned local tofu and baked to perfection. Choose grain of the day or potato kale hash.

Simply Delicious- $9

A soothing, healing plate of gluten free grain, legumes, and seasonal veggies. Choose from

Burrito Deluxe- $9

Beans, hearty nut meat, soy free vegan cheese and rice wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla then topped with pico de gallo, soy sour cream, and cilantro sauce.

Mac Un Cheese - $9

Quinoa and corn noodles in soy-free cheesy sauce

Raw Pad Thai - $12
Zucchini noodles covered in a lively cashew sauce.

Raw Lasagna- $14

Macadamia and cashew cheese between paper thin vegetable noodles, seasonal veggies and smothered in a sun-dried tomato sauce.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Now Open For Lunch! Mon-Fri 11am-2pm

Tempeh Patty- $6.75

Gume Burger- $7.00... Read More

Vish Sandwich- $6.50

Burrito- $7.00

Tofu Steak and Pepper wrap- $7.50

Tempeh Salad, wrapped or on bed of greens- $6.75

Raw Burger on bed of greens- $8.50

Carrot ‘Tuna’ Salad, wrapped or on bed of greens (95% raw) - $7.75

Soup du Jour-
Cup- $4
Bowl- $7

Chili and Gluten Free Cornbread-
Cup- $5.25
Bowl- $8.25

Gluten Free Corn Bread- $2

Side Salad- $4

Potato Kale Hash- $4

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Photos!

Our Beautifully Presented and Fabulous Burrito

Chocolate Marble Swirl Cheescake

Raw Pad Thai

Raw Crepe with Fresh Fruit

Happy Vegans Dancing


Cheescake with Fresh Fruit

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


It's VEGAN, and offers RAW & Soy-free options, and ALMOST EVERYTHING

Ithaca's only VEGAN restaurant! Come to their grand opening!
Host: Ithaca Vegans
Type: Party - Dinner Party
Network: Global
Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: Food for the Planet
City/Town: Ithaca, NY
*Note: the restaurant is already open for business now, this is simply a grand opening celebration*

Here are some customer reviews:
"One of my favorite things is the black bean, mango,
cilantro salad (that isn't exactly the name of it). They have a vegan cheesecake that is just out of this world. I highly recommend the cheesecake and everything else!!!" - Amie

"shira and i went last weekend and got the incredible crepe with soy
cream and the frittata with potato-kale hash. both were really,
really worth their $10 prices. seriously. it was delicious." - Ari Moore

The food is absolutely delicious. It's important that we all support
this restaurant.

It's open Thursday through Sunday nights from 5 - 8:30 (as long as you
order by 8:30 you're good, you can stay later) and it's open for BRUNCH
on Saturday and Sundays from 10 - 2.

Don't have time to eat out? *Call and order a take-out meal* or smoothies!

Don't forget to check out their *cheesecake* and *brownies*. A 14 year
old from the Bronx said this is the best cheesecake he's ever had, way
better than the "regular" kind. I agree.

The Lasagna is also unbelievably awesome, as is the black bean mango
salad. Every single item I've had there has been REALLY good.

So show your support, and give it a try. And check out the beautiful art show gracing the walls by local photographer, and VEGAN, Frank Muller. You can also see more of his work at

It's at 704 W. Buffalo Street, right across from Greenstar (look for the
tall blue roof) in the same building with the hearing aide center (next
to Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food For The Planet Ithaca, all the details

Our hours of operation are:

Thursday through Sunday from 5 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. for dinner.

Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for brunch.

We are located at 704 W. Buffalo St., just west of Enterprise Rental Car and just northwest of Greenstar.

Our phone number is 607-319-4977.

We do yummy vegan catering too. Having a wedding, retreat, party, reunion, workshop or conference in Tompkins or neighboring counties? We can cater it for you!

We hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Food For The Planet" Open for Business!

With the help of family and friends we were ready and served our first customers at 5p.m. on Saturday, July 25th! Initially we will be open on Thursdays through Sundays. We had a busy first day last Saturday. We hope you will drop by and check us out.

We also have a great art show of landscape and nature digital photography hanging on the walls by local photographer Frank Muller. You can see some of his work online at .