Friday, December 4, 2009

On Line Menu

In response to the many requests, here is an online menu!

Food For The Planet
704 West Buffalo St. Ithaca, NY 14850


Guacamole w/ chips- $8

Pico de gallo w/ chips- $6

Nachos Veganos- $8

Vegan style South of the border bliss!

Nachos In The Raw- $8

Raw tortilla chips topped with nutty meat, pico de gallo, guacamole, and raw nacho cheese sauce.
Neatballs- $6

Hearty ‘meat’ balls made from pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, and mushrooms accompanied by a rich sun-dried tomato marinara.

Quesadilla- $9

Whole wheat tortilla filled with vegan, soyfree cheese and kale, topped with pico de gallo, salsa, soy sour cream and cilantro sauce.

Soup- $4 cup
$7 Bowl

Salad- $4

Potato Kale Hash- $4

Grain of the day- $3

Legume- $3

Veggie of the day- $3

Avocado- $2

Guacamole- $6

Fruit cup- $4


Cheesecake- $5

Brownie- $3
a la mode- $5

Black Forest Brownie- $6

Cookie- $2

Ice Cream Sundae- $6
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or neapolitan

Ask about our raw desserts!


Coffee- $2
Organic and fair trade

Teas- $2
Ask about our selection

Soy or Rice Milk- $2
Plain, chocolate, or vanilla

Apple Juice- $3

Orange Juice- $3

Grape Juice- $4
Local and organic

Kombucha Tea- $4

Saratoga Springs Water- $2

Smoothies- $4

Green Power

Super Berry Banana

Raging Reds


Garden- $7
Leafy greens galore!

Avocado- $9
Avocados, greens, tomato, vibrant veggies, and cilantro

Balsamic- SF
Apple Sesame
Cashew Dill-R,SF
Carrot Ginger
Tomato Vinaigrette-R,SF


Mac Un Cheese- $6

Quinoa and corn noodles in soy-free cheesy sauce

Tofu Dog- $6

Soy hot dog on whole grain roll w/ choice of toppings. Ask for gluten free options

Mini Macro- $6

Child-sized simply delicious plate with choice of toppings

Vish N’ Dip $7

Vish cutlets with choice of dipping sauce


Lasagna- $11

Brown rice noodles, vegan mozzarella, local tofu, seasonal veggies, and a hearty marinara.

Frittata di Fabuloso- $10

Specially seasoned local tofu and baked to perfection. Choose grain of the day or potato kale hash.

Simply Delicious- $9

A soothing, healing plate of gluten free grain, legumes, and seasonal veggies. Choose from

Burrito Deluxe- $9

Beans, hearty nut meat, soy free vegan cheese and rice wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla then topped with pico de gallo, soy sour cream, and cilantro sauce.

Mac Un Cheese - $9

Quinoa and corn noodles in soy-free cheesy sauce

Raw Pad Thai - $12
Zucchini noodles covered in a lively cashew sauce.

Raw Lasagna- $14

Macadamia and cashew cheese between paper thin vegetable noodles, seasonal veggies and smothered in a sun-dried tomato sauce.


  1. Your place is AWESOME. Had my first brunch there today, yummo! Its so hard as a vegan to visit restaurants and try to figure out what to eat, not with you!

  2. where did the restaurant go? Stopped in yesterday for a bite.....

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